I went to the Americas Service Station on Dallas Hwy in Marietta. I told Dewayne that I only wanted a power steering hose because I wasn't sure it needed a pump.

Dewayne told me I needed a power steering pump and that they had to get the part from the Ford dealer. He said the part was 279.00, the labor was 300.00 and a hose was 89.00. It was going to be 700.00 total.I didn't let him do it and found out today that the part is only 138.99 at the Ford dealer!!!

It takes 30 minutes to do and the dealer would only charge about 300.00.

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I bet you were the target of Mudlick Mail. (same owner Greg Sands).

They target high income and luxury car owners with their mailing program. Even worst they try to sell this way of doing business to other shop owners. Scripting, board, up-selling, outrageous pricing, etc. The program is sold by Mudlick Mail and also promoted by turnaroundtour.com.

Check Greg Sands Ripoff Reports. Also, Check Automotive Training institute Ripoff Reports. "Chubby" was Greg Sands partner in America's Service Station and they are both now selling this bad progran. Turnaroundtour.com Gary Gunn holds webinars and coaches owners (for a fee just like Mudlick Mail) on how to alienate their employees and customers.

Bad business. The Better Business Bureau and Texas Attorney General have several complaints filed on America's Service Station. Some one should get the word out to shop owners to stop being scammed by Mudlick Mail.

Beware of mailings that say "we fix everything". Don't fall for the bait.


I brought my wife's car in on Feb 5th for an oil change, tire rotation and to check the air pressure and fill the tires to the specified PSI rating on the tires. They charged me an I was on my way.

Yesterday, my wife ran over a nail and her tire was flat.

She had a coworker help her put the spare on. The spare had the sticker on it from Americas Service Station that said they checked and inflated it. It had 18 PSI and all other tires on her car were below 30 PSI. I'm so pissed I almost brought that tire in and chucked it through their front window.

They lie about the work they provide, and will never receive business from me or anyone I know. I also write for online publications and will be writing about this experience with SEO optimized pages with their name, and Dewayne's Name.

Such B.S. Pissed off the wrong guy.

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